Friday, February 4, 2011

2011 Drag Pack Challenger V10

Mopar American Muscle Lives On !

Dodge has announced the 2011 Challenger Drag Pack that will come with a 512 cubic inch V10! Here is a quote from the CEO of mopar:

With the introduction of our new 2011 Mopar Challenger Drag Pak, Mopar will be the only place to get a factory-built V-10-powered race-ready drag car.

Mopar’s new Challenger Drag Pak will appeal to sportsman drag racers, collectors, dealers, and Dodge Viper owners.

MSRP is said to be $85,512.

America Muscle Lives On !

2011 Mopar Challenger V-10 Drag Pak Highlights

Identification plate with unique serial number sequence
Bright White Mopar offers three options with this vehicle
Eight-point roll cage, six-point safety harness and a mesh window
512 cid V-10 engine
Unique engine calibration
2-speed automatic transmission with shift assembly and built-in roll control
Special body-in-white modified for drag racing
No windshield wiper assembly
No HVAC system (includes block off plates)
No rear seats
No power-steering system
No underbody heat shields
Complete fuel cell assembly
Race headers with collectors
Modified tunnel for transmission clearance and one-piece drive shaft
Raised floor above differential for solid-axle conversion clearance
Polycarbonate door windows
Smart-glass door window system
Solid engine mounts
Mopar solid rear axle
Lightweight seats to accommodate 6-point harness
Special modified K-member with drop-out crossmember
Lightweight drag-race only front brake assembly
Manual rack-and-pinion steering
Front chin spoiler
Lightweight cooling module with electric fan
Lightweight instrument panel assembly
Special cable-operated decklid release
Special cable-operated throttle pedal and linkage
Race-style wheels and tires

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Wow i like the car . It looks amazing thanks for sharing those pics with us.